Work With Me

I work with one kind of client.

Highly educated women who want to stop binge eating. 

You are an intelligent woman, and you may have even completed not just one, but two degrees or more.
You are kicking goals in many areas of your life, including an awesome job that pays well, or you have your very own profitable business. 
But for some reason you can’t seem to stop binge eating.
You try to control your eating during the day but find yourself with an insatiable hunger every night. 
You find that certain foods will always trigger a binge eating session, leaving you to feel out of control.
You find yourself constantly obsessing over food all day long.
You just want to stop being crazy with food but are sceptical of ever finding a way out because you believe
“You will never change, I will always be a failure”
Leaving you to feel
frustrated, exhausted, and ashamed
And right now, you believe that the reason you are out of control with food is because you are

weak and lack will power and discipline.

Deep down you have a desire to stop binge eating.
You really want to.
That’s why you haven’t given up.
That’s why you are here to see if I know the answer to something you have missed.

There IS another explanation

And it’s not because you are a failure. 

The reason you binge eat is because you are over restricting food


binge eating is a biological response to this over restriction. 

When I finally realised this simple concept,
it blew my mind.
I had spent my whole life being on a diet thinking that this would solve all my problems, but it only made the binge eating worse.
The more food I restricted the crazier I felt around food and the more often I would have binge eating episodes. 
When I finally allowed myself to eat all the foods, I was scared and worried that I wouldn’t be able to stop eating.

But the opposite was true. 

When no food is off limits, I found that I could eat too much ice cream, chocolate, and cake and that your body will tell you when it has had enough.
I discovered that I would crave vegetables and grilled chicken instead of desserts.
When going to restaurants some days I would want to eat the creamy pastas and lasagnas, but other days I would feel like a soup or a salad.

But the biggest surprise of all I just stopped binge eating.

I no longer needed to eat a tub of ice cream, packet of biscuits, a block of chocolate and a large pizza.
I could just eat a single serve of cake or a scoop or two of ice cream.
There are times when I am offered dessert and I can easily say no because I don’t feel hungry, and I don’t want to eat at that moment.
I can honestly say that I am no longer crazy with food, and I finally have a healthy relationship with food.
It is true for me because I finally learnt how to eat intuitively.
This can be true for you too and I can show you how. 
You just need to believe

“This is possible for me too”

To learn more about how to stop binge eating, book in to have a FREE consultation with me below.