Restrict - Binge Cycle

Catch Twenty-Two of Dieting

Diana Paez Ortiz

Diana Paez Ortiz

Desire To Be Thin:

Dieting is often triggered by the desire to be thinner. In my personal experience this started at about the age of twelve. I don’t know the exact trigger, but it was the culmination of the media (TV, movies, actresses & models), being a dancer and my mum’s own desire to be thin. At this tender age of twelve I already had an extraordinarily fervent desire to be thinner than I was. I am sure that many have also felt this way. This pressure can also be defined as DIET CULTURE.




Now from diet culture we are led to believe that the solution to becoming smaller in our bodies is to start a diet and entails restricting the types of foods you eat and how much you eat and might have fancy names such as Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Weight Watchers etc. Now while on the diet, you might find that you have lost weight, and you might even be able to sustain this type of eating for a while. But the inevitable always happens and will bring me to my next point. 


Cravings & Reduced Self Control:


Now when we go on a diet, our bodies think we are in a famine. So, it triggers a physical and psychological response in our body to find food. And what this looks like is increased food cravings and reduced self-control around food. Diet culture makes us believe that we lack willpower and discipline. But the truth is our body is trying to protect us because it can’t tell the difference between a famine and a self-induced diet.


Loss of Control and Overeating:


And as with anyone that has been on a diet, the inevitable happens you finally give in to those cravings. AND because of the food deprivation that happened while on a diet we tend to overeat. Again, DIET CULTURE has led us to believe that we overeat because of lack of willpower and discipline, but in fact overeating is a biological response to the under eating that happens when you go on a diet. This is because the body can’t tell the difference between a famine and a diet.


Regain of Lost Weight:

And finally, we overeat because of all the undereating while on a diet and consequently, our bodies regain weight and sometimes even more as a protective factor against future famine. And because of DIET CULTURE the cycle begins again but with a new diet or wellness lifestyle. This is known as the Dieter’s Dilemma as coined by the psychologist John P. Foreyt & G. Ken Goddrick.

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