About Me

I have been where you are now. You hate your body, and you think to yourself

“I need to go on a diet”

You start to restrict food, and all goes well for a little while, you might even lose some weight. But one day, it’s 5pm and you find yourself with an insatiable hunger. It starts with a cookie, then a whole packet and before you know it you are racing to the store to buy a tub of ice cream, packet of chips and a block of chocolate while ordering a large pizza.

And you eat all in one go.

You tell yourself

“I’ll start again tomorrow”

but you already know that’s a lie and come tomorrow it happens again.

You are left feeling a failure and pondering

“Why can’t I control myself with food?”

These episodes of being out of control with food would often leave me feeling frustrated, exhausted, and confused. But most of all shame.

 An experience I am sure that is familiar to you. 

And you are left feeling a fool because as a woman in your thirties you feel as though you don’t even know how to eat anymore. 

I reached a point where the thought of going on another diet was just too much.

I decided there must be a better way. I just wanted to stop being crazy with food.

And it all started with a thought

“I’m done with this pain”

I am now a woman who has:

Stopped Binge Eating

Let go of shame 

No longer out of control with food

Did it all with compassion

This can be true for you too if you allow yourself to believe for one moment

“I can figure this out too”

I used my problem-solving skills as an engineer to break down the problem of binge eating and find the root cause as to why this happens.

I leveraged my knowledge as a student of psychology, to better understand what happens in our brains and our bodies when we engage in diet behaviours.

In the process I discovered something unbelievable.

You are not out of control.

You don’t lack will power.

Your body is just protecting you. 

And the reason you binge is because you no longer trust your body. 

This knowledge transformed my relationship with food.

I went from believing

“I don’t deserve to eat” to “I need food to live”.

I learned how to have a healthy relationship with food and eating, giving me freedom and peace

And I stopped feeling out of control with food because I finally gave myself permission to eat and I did it with compassion

Today I am on a mission to make sure you have what you need to change your life. 

You deserve compassion.

You deserve freedom.

You deserve hope.

But most of all you deserve to have a healthy relationship with food.

Let me help you.

Ready to get started?